Lens optical Group

Ophtalmologie – Refractie – LCD-schermen

Rodenstock CV-900

High quality LCD 24″ / 60.96 cm Programmable display sequences Unlimited number of charts Colour vision test charts Adjustable test-distance Multimedia tool Contrast sensitivity test

DMD Vista Vision-Pola

A unique solution for both monocular and binocular tests: the First Italian POLARIZED Chart System!

REICHERT Clear Chart

The Reichert ClearChart 2 Digital Acuity System is a comprehensive solution for all of your acuity testing needs. The all-in-one system is elegantly designed and built for acuity, requiring no separate components or software. The ClearChart 2 is easy to set-up and use… Just hang, plug-in and start vision testing.

OPTOS Global Chart Elite

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